My thoughts on people’s poster designs



I really like Nikki’s poster. It is extremely ‘eye-catching‘ – literally. I personally enjoy the combination of having the hand drawn aspect alongside the computer produced type – I think it has a really nice affect as not only does it look creative, but it also looks professional.  Nikki’s poster has all of the relevant information and it is straight to the point, which is important for the public as it isn’t at all confusing. The poster matches the group blog in terms of it’s colour, in which I feel is good as along with the logo the poster and the website being there it has a representation of us as a group of curators. I think the title on the poster is lovely. The fact it is overlapping each other three times in different colours or tones has a nice affect, not only for the poster, but for ‘Perception‘ as a word – as things are perceived differently by different people.



I really like Rebecca’s poster obviously as she is the person who inspired me when it came to designing mine. It is clear and not completely bundled with imagery or too much information, it is straight to the point. The title overlapping the design of the two heads with the borders I feel has a nice affect, which makes the title stand out, which is really important! I do like the poster not being just text based, but also not being overloaded with imagery, and I feel Becks has achieved this quite nicely. Like Nikki’s the poster matches the blog throughout the use of relevant colours and the groups logo and the website, again making us involved also as the curators of the show. And lastly the border surrounding the edge of the poster makes it stand out too.




What I like about Karina’s first poster idea was the fact that she was using a different range of the artist’s work on each of the posters in order to make it more fair for other artist’s. I do feel that having a different image on each of the posters would make our show stand out, different and quirky.


Karina’s second poster idea is awesome! I really enjoy the layout of the title filling the page, but not only it being a title but imagery also. I think it’s different and really does add something, I don’t know, some sort of feeling to it. It still is looking simple, but is still eye catching.



Ilona’s first two poster’s were really good, and being on the white background made everything stand out, also filling the page nicely. All the information, such as the title and when and where were straight to the point.


What I liked about Ilona’s third poster idea was the faded images of the artist’s work going down the sides, making us look harder (this is something different). But my main like about this poster was the sense of changing direction. By this I mean the images are going down the poster in a portrait direction, and the writing and information are going down the poster in a landscape direction. I feel it just looks good!



With Emma’s poster I like the use of the green border surrounding the edge of the poster.




What I think is good about Amy’s first two posters is the inclusion of the group blog website, so viewers have access to our blog if they are interested.


What I like about Amy’s most recent poster is how the green colours match the group blog and us as the curators.



With my first poster I like the hand drawn element – as even though it is hand drawn it is still rather neat so it doesn’t become too much to deal with. I like that the colours match the blog, and that the design fits the page too.


With my second poster I like how the title surrounds the shape of the eye and the meaning behind the eye itself.


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