Poster Idea


Here is another design I have created (Sorry about the poor scan in).

There had been mention of representing the theme with a symbol, the symbol being a human eye. To support this, the phrase ‘The human eye figure in the eye of the artist’. Symbols are used regularly within work to represent a theme, for example- the circle symbolising life, a symbol in which we have used ourselves to represent our theme of life. This imagery and phrase is a clever hint at what the show is about. Eyes are commonly used within all kinds of art. One in which I particularly found interesting was the use of an eye by the clothing brand ‘Obey’. This Obey poster reminded me of propaganda war posters and Russian constructivism posters due to its use of the colour red and its use of lines. The use of lines is something that can look very powerful, leading the viewers eye to the subject- it attracts attention. This strategy is something that could work well when creating our poster. My attempt to use lines, symbols and colour has not been interlay successful in the above poster, especially as the scan hasn’t came out very well here, however I think it could be a interesting thing to use in the final poster design.

OBEY poster

Obey Clothing Brand Poster

Russian Constructivism poster


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