Research – Poster Ideas…

I’ve had a look at a few posters and flyers to see what other artists/curators have chosen in their designs.
I’ve looked at ones that have been picked up from inside our university, at exhibitions, and what’s been handed to me on the street.

Poster 1

This is the first example I looked at, promoting an exhibiton at Eastside Projects. It’s got the; address – telephone number – website – opening times – admission price

The title is big and bold and has information about artists talks and the artists.
I do think this poster is bright and eye catching but I don’t particularly like the layout and the fact its all type.
For me I wouldn’t pay that much attention to it if walking past it because there’s too much type. It put me off.

Flyer 1Front                                       Back

This second example is a small flyer and it’s double sided which would be good because then you can get more information on.
Even though it’s black and white, it’s still eye catching because of the big logo.
I like how its got; all the artists names – address – information about the group – a map.
I really like the map and if we do a flyer that would be a great idea!

flyer 2Front                                        Back

Third example is similar to the second which is also a student organised exhibition.
This one though in comparison is more minimal, Still a big bold logo – date – address – website, and for me I would pay attention to it because it’s to the point.

Both of them are printed on high quality glossy paper and are small.
So cost wise being small would save money, but if we’re going to use colour it’s more expensive and so would the paper choice.
We would have to think about either putting money together and get it printed professionally or do it ourselves.

flyer 3

The last example I got a lot of inspiration from.
It seems to be another artist run, possibly student, exhibition.It has everything on there that I personally think u need  on a flyer.
Title – what it is – when – where – description – image – website and the free entry/ fine art/ free food bit caught my attention as it pulls people in.
What I thought was different was the logo’s at the bottom, especially with them highlighted in the white background.
It’s almost like it’s part of the flyer but not.


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