Show Theme

After many meetings and different thought processes we, as a group, have settled on the Theme and Title of our show!

An Artists View of the Human Figure

Before walking around the studios of Margaret Street, School Of Art, we had an idea of looking at the human figure in terms of the Circle Of Life – From Birth to Death – in relation to the different Generations.
We chose work based on this concept, However, as we got further into the process it was made aware that this theme was too universal.
We couldn’t really define the circle of life, we each had different definitions to this vast subject.

This then lead us to concentrate more on the Artists and their Different Techniques and Mediums for their unique pieces of work.

Many exhibitions concentrate on the work displayed. What we thought would be refreshing is to concentrate more on the artist themselves and the mediums and choices they made to produce the work we are displaying.

We wanted a variety of different mediums to show how different artists can be.
The human figure can be looked at as a generic image, but we all see things differently and what interested us was how different artist express this.


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