My poster ideas …

So okay I’m sh*t at creating posters and stuff, but yeah I had a go, I had a go at designing two, because as I was doing one I had a little idea for another. Both have been created using the show title ‘Perception’, relevant information, the ‘ARTlife’ logo, as well as other aspects decided on as a group such as the poster being simplistic and having a white background in order to match with the blog.

Poster design 1 


This poster is one that randomly happened as I went along, and when I actually got down with pencil to paper I wasn’t expecting what I have drawn to be the design. To create it I simply drawn around my hand. What?? We said it was going to be simplistic haha. For this one I think whilst creating it I was inspired by the poster design that Rebecca did a few days ago, as it wasn’t over the top and went with the colour theme of our group blog nicely as well as the theme of the show too in terms of the design outline. Like Becks did with the two heads outlining them with green I did with the hands and then I decided to outline the green with black to make them more prominent. Inside one of the hands the title ‘Perception’ and a quick description of the show which I came up with myself: ‘The human figure from the artist’s eye’. Then on the other hand is the important details of where and when the private viewing is taking place. And lastly in the bottom right hand corner is our group logo.

After finishing and looking at my poster I do quite like the hands in terms that they aren’t complicated, they are a simple outline and fill and fit the page nicely. I think the hands are good thing because our show is about how the artist perceives the human figure and how they created the work through this perception (the medium); therefore the hands could represent the hands of the artist as it is their work and their own perception and have had to use their hands and creative abilities with their hands in order to do so.

Poster design 2


This poster design happening intentionally as I got my idea from the last poster I did from the description of the show of the human figure from the artist’s eye. This made me think of how the artist see’s and perceives things, which is where the eye fits in, like the hands represent the artist’s hands, the eye represents the eye of the artist; and because of what the show is about I think these sort of designs are important as they are relevant to our theme. The eye takes place in the center of the poster, to represent that everything in the show centers around the artist’s themselves, above the eye is the title ‘perception’, at the bottom left hand corner are the details of the show, at the bottom right hand corner is the ‘ARTlife’ logo and lastly above that is a short description of the show ‘The human figure in the eye of the artist‘ – which although it’s similar I prefer better to the short description on the first poster.

After finishing the poster I think the idea of the eye to represent the eye of the artist is a good idea, but I feel with this one everything is a bit all over the place and perhaps has a bit too much going on? But maybe it would look better if it was arranged differently? I don’t know.

Overall thoughts

Overall I think the first poster design is my favorite, it is more simple, looks a lot neater and more organised and is more eye-catching than the second one. But perhaps because these are hand drawn they don’t looks as good, being computer generated might look a lot better – sorry I’m not a pro with all the computer Photoshop pi larva.


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