Ideas for the poster

As i started creating my posters I wanted to create something more arty, use sketches of a figure to show the theme of our curated show. As i went along with the idea, i developed two images (taken from google as i was only messing about with photoshop) however they looked plain and not as eye catching as i thought they were going to be.


As i was thinking about changing the poster i wanted to make it more professional, eye catching and more interesting. i decided to use the images of some of the artist that will be in the show. I used a lower saturation and brightness for the images to not give too much away in just the poster. because of the dark black background i made the images darker too, i didnt want them to contrast with the background as i wanted them to be less visible, so people have to look closely at the poster. 

The text i have chosen however is bright and white, this means it stands out more and is clearer to read. i have chosen a quirky and swirly text for the main theme name, and made it larger than the other text used. The information is still however visible but in different type to make it stand out from the title. This makes them both different and separates them.

I have added the address, time and date of the show.

The text vertical, so its not the same way as the photos, i think this adds something different as its not just in the centre of the page. That way the photos do stand out from the text and add another dimension to the poster.

It is still plain, and not colourful because i did want to keep it a little bit more professional.

This is the final idea SO FAR (probably will change it at some point anyway!)



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