Hive, Sollihul Gallery


Scan012The image used on this leaflet is beautiful, I picked it up to admire the detail and colour of the image. It has a sense of mystery that attracted me to it, there is no bold writing just a few sentences within the box which could only be read up close. All the important information is on the back of the leaflet, split into short paragraphs. Most of which is the gallery’s location and the times and date of the event. The leaflet is all visual and that is intriguing and enticing for the viewer, they want to know more. I like the idea of having a sense of mystery about the poster/leaflet. Instead of feeding the viewer what the show is all about, who is involved etc, let the viewer find out for themselves. In our case, the viewer could find all they needed to know about us, the artists and the show through the blog so really, the URL address of the blog, the location and time of the show is the crucial information needed on the leaflet.



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