An idea for the title of the show

Because of the theme of our curated show, I have come up with a certain idea, as doctors and other people who work within that area learn the drugs (medicine) in Latin and because the parts of our bodies are taught to them in Latin I thought we could come up with a quirky idea of using a word like ‘figure’ or ‘silhouette’ and translate it into Latin  not only it links with the theme of our show but sounds clever and intriguing. I have had a little play on Google translate and came up with a few little titles: figura, corporum, crura, costam caveam, anatomicis, sacculum ossa, struunt, cadaver chassis, constitutio, formam prætulit, forma, mortale parte, hastile, figura, tenementum, torso, trunco. All these translate back into: figure, bodies, legs, rib cage, anatomy, bag of bones, build, carcass, chassis, constitution, embodiment, form, mortal part, shaft, shape, tenement, torso, trunk.

The titles could also connect with the artist we have chosen. (Poster/title links) I thought that if we could use a main name (large title) but also a Latin version underneath which could relate to each artists. E.g. one of the artists used the inside of the body, the ribcage and the muscles so we could use the photos of that artist the chosen main name for the show and the Latin version which could be ‘rib cage’ or ‘muscle’. And lets say if the other artist used only shapes of bodies we could translate ‘shape/form’ into Latin and use that on their poster.

Just a rough idea that needed to be wrote down!


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