The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2012

referring back to Nadine’s post of ‘The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2012’ and your post certainly did catch my attention because of my love of photography. Id love to go to this exhibition to see how the photographs have been placed and to also see the portraits.

I was liking your idea Nadine. People will create their own perception of the photograph just by certain adjustments by the flick of a button on a camera or a tweak on Photoshop. For example i Looked at this link you sent me…
 And I took a look at the details each photographer had noted down to show us what settings they had on to create to overall look or to create a certain ‘perception’ from the photograph. I’ve foun this out by using my own camera that slight adjustments can change the whole mood of a photo. For example… the lower the shutter speed (1/15 seconds) would be blurry and out of focus and if it was higher (1/200) it would be more of sharper photograph, which in my opinion would bring more attention to the photo. Also the lower the ISO the less sensitive it becomes to light and the finer the grain of the photo becomes, so then the photograph would be more dark. Also I noticed many of the photographers didn’t want the audience to see how they captured the photo, maybe this is because the photographer wanted the viewer to see just the image and not the details.


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