London: Planning the route

From the 4 Galleries that we’ve looked at so far:

-Saatchi Gallery
-Tate Britain
-National Portrait Gallery
-Hayward Gallery

I’ve checked the London Tube Map so we know where we are going and have planned out a route so we can see everything without wasting time etc:

Tube Map

Route Planned:

Starting at Euston Train Station – Take Northern Line (Black) South to Leicester Square = National Portrait Gallery

Then from Leicester Square – on the Northern Line (Black) – go South to Waterloo = Hayward Gallery

From there we take – Northern Line (Black) North to Embankment where we get off to switch to either District/Circle Line (Green/Yellow) – to go West to Sloanne Square = Saatchi Gallery

Lastly we get back on at Sloanne Square to take the District/Circle Line (Green/Yellow) East to Victoria Station – where we switch to the Victoria Line (Light Blue) to go South to Plimlico Station = Tate Britain

To get back – we take the Victoria Line (Light Blue) North to Euston Train Station.

To do this we will need a Zone 1 Tube Ticket:

Tube Tickets

Which as you can see is the same price as a zone 1-2 ticket! = £8.80

So, if we have time left over we are free to explore more places! My advice is to see Camden Town!!

A very Unique part of London and defiantly worth the experience!
and 5 mins tube ride from Euston Station!)


(Click Image to View Camden Town Website)


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