London: Hayward Gallery

I read Becky’s post about the The Light Show at the Hayward Gallery.
It sounds like a really interesting exhibition to go and see. It reminds me also of Dan Flavin’s work which links into the Exhibiton that Karina went to see.

Magic Hour, David Batchelor(Click Image to View Article on Hayward Gallery Website)

Unfortunately, the exhibiton starts on 30th January 2013, and were going to London on 29th January.
So again we’re going to be missing this one.


I had a look though the website and what is on at the moment, and I came across this exhibition:

Alexis M Teplin: The Rest Is Noise

Hayward Gallery(Click Image to View Article on Hayward Gallery Website)

The exhibition is about Abstract Art in the 20th Century with a reference to Kandinsky’s work.
Im not usually a big fan of abstract work but since starting university I’ve become alot more open, and I want to go to an exhibition to see if I feel differently.

Also, I then noticed that Aubrey Beardsley’s work will be included and I’ve been a fan for 10 years!!

I’ve never seen any pieces up close, So if we could go here I think it would be such a good experience!


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