National Portrait Gallery: Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2012

The Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2012 is on from 8th November 2012 – 17th February 2013 at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Thought it might be something relevant to show the group as an idea or suggestion of an exhibition we could possibly visit when some of our group go to London.


I think it would be good as a group to see how the photographs in the exhibition are presented throughout, whether they are presented all the same or in different ways. From this we could try and figure out why they have been presented the way they are, whether they would have anything to do with the photographs themselves, the artist who took the photograph, or more importantly the artists perception of the figure in the photograph.

What I would find interesting if we go to this exhibition is to compare the photograph with the technical details (which I found on the website), of how the photograph was taken, for example the shutter speed. I feel this would be quite an interesting way of viewing the photograph if we took this information with us, as it might help us to think about the photograph more and the artist’s perception of the figure they have photographed.

Here are the technical details from the website:

This then gets me thinking about our show in terms of adding something different and it being rather quirky. I have an idea from this that when interviewing our chosen artists for our show, that we could ask them their techniques or their technical details of how they created the particular piece of work that we chosen to exhibit. From this we could then create a sheet like this (click on the above link), and hand it out to the viewers and some may then begin to try to link the visual and techniques of the piece to the artist’s perception, therefore making our show interactive, different and gets the viewer thinking about how the artist perceives the figure in their work.

People in the group might think this idea for our show is nothing but rubbish, which is fair enough but just throwing in a sort of quirky suggestion. However, I would like to visit this exhibition and take the technical details with us and at least see if we can have a go at this task I suggested above, and make the exhibition interactive even though it isn’t supposed to be, which I think would be fun to do as a group. Then we could think about my idea of using a sheet of techniques and ideas in our show to get the viewers brains ticking, but personally I would like people to at least try this out when we go to London and then come to some sort of decision before deafening it off, but it’s up to you guys, it’s not just ‘Nadine’s show’ .

If any of you guys think this is crap then just say so, just attempting to throw something different into the water here haha, but we need to make up our minds by Tuesday of whether we want to do this. :)

Also I know as a group we decided to only go to free exhibitions, this one isn’t free but it’s really cheap, so if your interested in my idea and trying out the little interactive task I had in mind it only costs £2 a ticket. :)


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