National Portrait Gallery: Taylor Wessing Photographic Portrait Prize 2012

After reading Nadine’s post and Nikki’s respond to it, i think the same as Nikki, it would be interesting to try and see how the using of sheet could change our understanding to image.

”I have an idea from this that when interviewing our chosen artists for our show, that we could ask them their techniques or their technical details of how they created the particular piece of work that we chosen to exhibit.”

I think Nadine’s idea would be great and as i said above it would help us and audience to better understand the meaning of the art and artist.   But in my opinion create another sheet would be too many papers going on. I would rather stick all these information together with leaflet information. We can try to do leaflets similar to Dan Flavin’s exhibition  to have a bit of space to write about every artist we are going to exhibit.

But overall i like the whole idea and i would definitely try it and see audience’s reactions and £2 are worth to look at this idea and try it on ourselves.


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