London – Saatchi Gallery

Some members of our group are going to London soon to have a look a few Galleries/Exhibitions, so we can get some Inspiration for our own show.

As mentioned before by Becky and Nadine, I have always wanted to go to the Saatchi Gallery.
Its just one I’ve never had a chance to see yet and there are a few exhbitions on at the moment, one of which is:

Gaiety is the Most Outstanding Feature of the Soviet Union

Saatchi(Click Image to view article on Saatchi website)

The images I’ve looked at so far for this exhibition are very interesting.
Similar to Becky and Nadine I’m looking forward to seeing how the show has been laid out. Seeing what things we can pick up to consider in our show.

Another Exhibition on at the same time is:

Breaking The Ice: Moscow Art 1960-80s

Saatchi(Click Image to view Article on Saatchi website)

There isn’t very much information on this show so I’m not sure what to expect, but judging from the above image I think it will be modern.
It could be set up in a completely different style to the first exhibition though, so it would be good if we could compare the both of them.

I first came across the Saatchi Gallery because of this artist’s work:

Robert Wilson 20:50

Saatchi(click Image to view article on Saatchi Website)

When I first saw this image I just thought it was a clever photoshop image of refections. When I was then informed it was an installation piece I was amazed.
I have always wanted to experience seeing this in real life.
The article says it’s a site specific piece, so I’m hoping it is at the gallery at the time we go, it will make my whole day if I get to see it!


One comment

  1. Karina Cabanikova

    the last image is really interesting Nikki ! I saw it last year and i thought its just kind of painting or something wud never thought about oil :D. its really good . i spend like 30 minutes in that space. i could not stop to be amazed.

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