Kate MacGarry Gallery – London

Next week some of us as a group are visiting London, here is an exhibition that is currently on at the Kate MacGarry Gallery. The exhibition is based on one artist called Matt Bryans. I found out about this show through our groups personal tutor Francoise who had recommended us to go and see it.


18th January – 2nd March 2013

Kate MacGarry Gallery

27 Old Nichol Street


I had a look through images on the website of this exhibition and thought it doesn’t really relate to what we are doing in terms of our show, however the whole point of going to visit galleries is for idea and inspiration for the layout and curation of our show. So for this reason and the fact that it was a recommendation by a tutor it would be worth seeing, it wouldn’t be a recommendation for no reason.

From looking more into the gallery itself online it says the opening hours are Wednesday – Saturday, 12.00 – 18.00pm. The group are going to London on Tuesday and therefore wouldn’t be able to see it which is absolute sh*t. It would have been good to go and see, but on the positive side of things there are many other galleries in London that we could go and see, so it’s not all that bad.


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