Thinking about different TYPES of POSTERS.

Fromm looking at all the different designs that everyone has been looking at I wanted to see if maybe we could decide what type of poster we wanted terms of content do we want full text on the poster? Or do we want an image to go with the text and if we do want an image what will it be ? A picture of us as the curators or a picture of ‘some’ of the work that we are going to have displayed or would that give away the mystery of the show.

With that I started looking at different websites for poster ideas so that I could get a clear view of what kind of poster would be appropriate for our show. I came across this website ( which is a very interesting post about how posters are used these days in advertising and also gives us tips on how to think when design one.


I also looked at another website which actually had a project going on about ‘Typography Posters’ the show was entitled ‘words to work by’ .

The project was directed by Micah Williams who had works from different artists and designers when describing the show he says

‘The set of six posters, are designed as resolutions, and poke fun at some of the clichés we all come across in the industry,” explains Walker. “They’re a limited edition print run of 100, some as lithographs and some as screen prints. We sent them out to friends, clients and colleagues, as a crafted hello more than anything else. Luca Ionescu, from Like Minded Studio, worked closely with us to bring the lines to life in a way that felt appropriate and fresh. It’s all just part of us trying to keep a constant spirit of creative productivity. It’s nice to not only do ads all the time,” he adds.






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