St. Paul’s Gallery- Birmingham


Here’s a link to St.Pauls Gallery, it’s placed in Birmingham and it’s admission free. I would like us as a group to go up one day as some people can’t make it to London. It’ll be cheap to get there if not completely free if everybody is up for walking there.


The gallery is mostly based around music, and the art itself has a main music theme, however there are interesting famous works still placed there. The gallery isn’t as talked about as The Ikon gallery or others but I think it will be definitely worth going to see something different. I want to walk around and look at the spacing, the way the work it portrayed seeing as it is less fine art based.

There are sculptures, fine art works, posters, movie works and a lot of stuff based around media/music.

The gallery has the biggest exhibition of signed album cover art.

Artists based include:

Alan Aldridge

Andie Airfix

Bridget Riley

Celia Philo

and many more which you can have a look at on the website.

I think it will be a good idea to go to a less fine art/modern art based gallery and see something different, see how they show their work and how their spacing affects the art they put out.

Another interesting thing is that the gallery offers room hires for exhibitions which is a thing to keep in mind for a later date!


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