‘Revealed’ Promotional leaflet


Front and back cover of the leaflet


Inside of the leaflet

The front cover of the leaflet has a striking image highlight the theme of the exhibition due to the queens face which is recognisable as Royalty but also the government.  The front cover itself, would be enough to attract the viewer as well as give them enough information to be able to visit the exhibition as the dates of the viewing and location of the exhibition are present, supported by the Birmingham Museum logo. Inside and on the back of the leaflet there is a lot of text supported by images. Inside particularly as it is split into sections of different aspects of the collection-

‘At Work’

‘Richard of York Gave Battle in Vain’

‘Travelling Light’

’12 from No10′

‘Commissions: Now and Then’

Next to each paragraph describing the area of work, is a image to support it and its name and artist present beneath it, for example in the top right hand corner is ‘Peas are the New Beans’ 1999 by Bob and Roberta Smith. The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, like Ikon, is funded so on the back there is a mention of its supporters in image form. Along with this there is additional information such as the website, address, telephone etc. The most interesting part of the back page is the ‘Lunchtime gallery talks’ and ‘Evening events’ columns mentioning other things happening at the gallery attracting more people to visit the gallery and museum. Some of which could be interested for the group? I particularly thought – Wednesday 6th Feb 1.00pm Adrian George (Curator) as it may be a good opportunity to talk to a professional curator and his approach to curating the show. The leaflet presented by the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery consists of 4 sides which I feel is too much for our own leaflet, therefore I am going to start to search for single/double sided single sheet leaflets. Due to our show being un-funded and smaller, I feel that there is no need for a booklet of information, instead I feel there should be a balance between mystery and a highlighted theme when we come to design our own posters.


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