Poster and Name of Exhibition


As chosen works are mainly about figures I come up with an idea of name our exhibition 206.

Why 206? What it stands for?

these questions and many more help me to stay with this idea. 206 stands for number of bones in our body. As our theme is manly about figures there is an interesting anatomical connection between. It’s not obvious and straight forward,that’s what I wanted to achieve. I want to make people wonder, ask and thinking. I do not want to tell everything about an exhibition by title or poster. They must be tempted.

As I mentioned in previous post about leaflets we should think about title which is eyes-catching without using a bold option or highlighted with vivid colour. Numbers always makes us self-conscious, wonder or worried. We pay huge amount of attention to numbers, they were always attracted.

As a group we have to think about if we want audience to wonder,ask or just tell them a story of our exhibition straight away.

The idea of bones came up with an idea of poster using one of the Da Vinci’s work called Vitruvian Man.It seems like a good representation of work we going to present.  The text is written in similar style as Leonardo Da Vinci wrote with and similar charcoal colour.

The question is : is it right to use already made image or would be better to consider to create something ours?

I dont see a problem. Many years already made pictures have been used to represent something (advertising). But own made image is unique and new.

I think both would work good  and attract audience for our exhibition.


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