Leonardo Da Vinci & Dan Flavin leaflet

 The Drawing by Leonardo Da Vinci

scan0001 scan0002

The leaflet has very simple layout,black background highlighted the drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci. The dominant of the front cover is the head of Leda,wife of Tyndareus,King of Sparta. We may consider to use one of the most dominant work of our artist to use for cover of our leaflet to let audience know what they can expect. On other hand in may be a bit unfair to other artists as they are all equally brilliant in our show. I may or may not consider it, but as in this case, the piece of work on the front of the leaflet works good with solo show.

The whole name of the exhibition is Ten Drawings by Leonardo Da Vinci from The Royal Collection, but only his name is highlighted as it’s the most important part of the title. The name Leonardo Da Vinci is eyes-catching itself. We can think about a title which is strong itself, something like YOLO (just example ).

At the bottom we can spotted all information we need to know. The white colour stands out because of black background therefore text do not need to be so big.  We can try to stay with white and black colour for our leaflet and use only an image or design to be more colourfull.

When you open the leaflet on the right side you can read about exhibition,again black background because of the pale drawing  and white text. The informations are not too long , only needed informations are written. If we want to know more about exhibition we can buy a magazine about the whole exhibition.

On the white right side part you can read about events and ticket price which in our case is no needed,so I want pay attention on it,

On the back of the leaflet ( 1st image) there are information such as


opening times

museum shop

museum restaurant

map and contact numbers.

We may consider using of extra space for all these information or put it all in summary on the front of the leaflet. But I think using of additional space we can avoid of any miss understanding of finding location and the leaflet will looks professionally.

Dan Flavin-Lights

scan0003 scan0004

Dan Flavin leaflet is full of information as they offer the informations in two language (germany and english) therefore they made it like a folder. The front of the leaflet is covered by Dan Flavin work. As I mentioned above using of a work for leaflet is right for solo exhibition. The name of an artist and an exhibition and date is matching colour of pictured light so there is flow movement between work and text. On the back of the leaflet you can see the starting point of the light .

We may thinking about matching colours of  work with text. It will works depend on design we choose.

scan0005 scan0006 scan0007

The leaflet is not concentrate only on Dan Flavin’s work but also on different exhibition going on along with Dan Flavin.

The exhibition is separate into three exhibitions

Dan Flavin itself

Perception of Reduction and Alejandro Cesara

But they all got something common and its the background of minimalism.

At the beginning of leaflet all information are in Germany followed by in English. All informations are followed by pictured on the side, they chose the ones which mostly represent the text or artists.

The photographs are in very good professional quality which we should stay aware with when we will produce our very own leaflet. The layout is again very simple, no catchy fonts or colour disturbtion, everything is black on white. In this case the background is white as many works are very strong in terms of colour and subject they would be vanished in black background. We should consider what background works better for our works.

Under every photographs you can find useful information about the work. The informations are smaller than the main text as it’s not as important as the main text itself.

Overall as a group we should think about if we wanna complex leaflet as Mumok created or use simple ones with only important information as BMAG  did. I think in terms of how many works we going to exhibit, better would be to consider the design of Mumok’s leaflet.


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