IKON- Beat Streuli Space and Press Release

Photograph taken by Nadine Paige Riley

Beat Streuli- Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.

Showing until February 3rd

I too, have visited the latest exhibition presented at Ikon Gallery in Birmingham. The exhibition consisted of Photography, Video and Digital projection- something that gave the experience variation, keeping the viewer excited as well as purely just showing how the same subject can be documentation through different mediums. Our group theme is Human Documentation, similarly to Beat Streuli. Something we have spoke about in group meetings is varying the way in which the viewer can view the work. The image above shows the placement of the wallpaper images, which was a aspect of the exhibition that inspired me in terms of our show. The images are placed besides each other invading the room, making the viewer feel inferior to the scale of the photographs. When the images face the inevitable corners of the space- they do not fail, they work with the space. The images follow around the room and become the space rather than being placed within the space. In terms of the successes and failures of a space, working with the corners of our exhibition space will eliminate what would otherwise be a obvious white cube space, which could benefit the work we are presented.

Along with the gallery space, I also reviewed the press release for the work (link below).

IKON press release

The Ikon Logo, Telephone/Fax, Address and their charity number is present on every page.

The press release starts with names the artist, the exhibition title and the dates of the show.

The paragraphs follow as:

(1) A description of the artists work within the gallery space.

(2) Praise of the artist and the kind of work they produce and present.

(3) Layout of the work and a outline of the works meaning, ending with.. ‘questions of who we are and where we go as human beings’

(4) Ikons relationship with the artist and previous shows.

(5) Mention of production and recognition of those involved.

(6) Note to editors and further information such as email.

(7) Two pages of images from the exhibition.

Visually, the Ikon press release is simple and structured professionally and I feel there are many aspects of it we can repeat in our own press release. For example, the only text in colour is the Ikon logo and information, I feel that minimal colour on the press release will create a professional finish and allow the viewer to focus greater on the text. Ikon are a recognised gallery and receive charitable funds therefore they have to mention people who play apart in the production as well as logos referring to the charities who support them. I believe this plays a big part in the overall tone to the press release, for example, it is well written yet the language isn’t art specific targeting as many viewers as they can. I think paragraph 1,3 and 5 will be vital in our press release as 1- the artists involved are the main part of the show, 3- the layout and composition of the works is something we’ve taken into great consideration. Ending a paragraph with a question is also a clever thing to do as the viewer then begins to think about the exhibition and the question and the affect it has on them. 5- Mention everyone involved in the group, even if it is in a small font, I think should be done as each member has played a part in the curation of the show.


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