Group Work

”We are sometimes asked who does what in the collective, and the simple answer is that we do not believe in a formal division of labour or in the individual ownership of ideas. We forged a collective practice precisely in order to resist the particularly deathly alienation of creative work in the media industry based on a fetish of ‘individual’ labour”.

MANIFESTA JOURNAL Journal of Contemporary curatorship No8- Collective Curating

Although we as a collective differ from the group spoke about with this edition of Manifesta Journal, for instance- we have not forged a collective by choice therefore there has never been a ultimate goal, for example trying to remove a particular idea with the media industry. However, once reading the aims of the collective within the journal, I began to think about individual ownership and labour and how important these terms are within the art world. Previously, I have always viewed Art as a personal journey, a individual journey. As a collective ‘thrown’ together, Ide like to think that we have made the most of each of our talents to alienate any idea of individual ownership within the collective. The collective in the Journal claim that their practice is built on ‘sustained conservation’ – a element in which we find crucial to the success or failure of the exploration of the collective. ”An exhibition can be seen as a design conceived by a single intelligence, or it can be seen as that which emerges from a series of exchanges between different intelligences”. In our attempts to make the most of this collective exercise, converstation has been key, capturing all of our interests and ideas to eventually form a exhibition that too, is a series of exchanges between different intelligences.


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