Wolverhampton Art Gallery

Wolverhampton's Art Gallery

Wolverhampton’s Art Gallery

Today I visited Wolverhampton’s Art Gallery to particularly look at the layout of the different exhibitions. There was a mixture within the gallery of a more contemporary style and also the stereotypically predictable ‘White Wall’ space.

Sad, Siobhan Hapaska

Sad, Siobhan Hapaska

This was one of the two pieces in the whole of the first exhibition space i walked into that was a piece of work you could walk around, therefore seeing the piece from all angles. This has already been said in past posts that we should consider displaying in this way in our own show. Personally I favour this idea for it is not hung up on the wall, which can sometimes be boring and so predictable.


I was loving the idea of a piece of work that you could walk around and also that was suspended from the ceiling. I havent saw this in any of the other posts so I thought Id include it. I don’t reckon this would be possible in our show but I thought it was a very unusual idea.

Rachel Emery, Pink Matter (2013)

Rachel Emery, Pink Matter (2013)



I thought this was a very unusual exhibition space and that it had a lot of distractions which were taking my focus of the work. This was because of the windows in the room which enabled you to see and hear cars and buses driving by outside. Even though the space was white-walled it did not work for me, it had features such as heaters and a fire-place structure in the room… Whether this was the intention or not it did not work well if it was intended, it felt as though they just placed the work in a social space. However this space was a hire space for artists so guess the artist did not really mind that the room looked like this they just wanted the work to be exhibited to the public.


A quirky floor piece that at first I thought was a carpet at first glance so it’s a good job I didn’t walk on it! But also another way to consider displaying some work n our curated show. The work could be a lower level whether in the centre of the room or against or hung on the wall.


I wasnt so keen on the more contemporary rooms, or they felt too overcrowded so could not focus clearly on just one piece of art… It just caused too much of a distraction for me so I just ended up leaving the room.


Contemporary paintings being hung at levels so you can look up at them and also down at them when your on a different level of the gallery.


involvement towards a more younger generation or even older that enables you to dress up and feel like you’re in the era of the paintings on the gallery wall…

There was one gallery that focused on the time of ‘POP’ art, that involved works such as Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s soup etc… Therefore in this gallery photographs were not permitted so I thought i’d just describe the room… It was the typical white wall layout and had a huge centre piece of seating for the visitors, that made the daunting feeling of the gallery feel more comfortable and welcoming, but i almost felt too awkward to sit down because of how the gallery was lit… It was very Dim inside the room with hidden spotlights set shining onto various pieces of work. I think this idea would work well in our show if we blocked out some of the natural light and used minimal spotlights onto specific pieces of work.



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