Arrow In The Blue – BMAG

(click above image to view BMAG website)

In the Community Gallery of Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, was the Arrow in the Blue Exhibition.
Myself and Nadine went to see it as it sounded really interesting.
All the work was done by prisoners. Which I thought would be good to see, as you would think inside a prison they would have limited materials.

I was impressed by the quality of the work, some of the pieces were really detailed and creative.

In terms of the layout I wasn’t that thrilled by it;

The room was basically above the Galleries canteen, and was laid out in a corridor style.
So you just walked around and the work was on the walls available.
I don’t think its a very good lay out to show the work to it’s full extent.
You get too distracted by the decor and what’s going on underneath (as you could look over the rail and see the eating area)

Also, all the artist’s names and information was bunched up together, so you couldn’t see clearly who’s work belonged to who.

For our own show I think the names should be separate and clear as to who’s work it who’s.

One thing I did like was the above feature. Where they put quotes on the wall.
If our show was a bit more philosophical, or book related, I would suggest it for ours, but I don’t think this would fit in with ours.

Something to keep in mind for the future though.

(click for link to Arrow In the blue exhibition guide)

I really like this guide, theres not too much information inside.
Just enough to inform the audience of what the show is about.
It has really clear, good quality images.
This one is in colour as well, which for us to do would be quite costly I think.

What I also like, is the fact it has a map of the layout on the back.
Which would be good for our show, so as to point out who’s work is who’s and what each piece is about. 


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