ARTicle Gallery: ‘Band/Ties’

Me and Nikki went to the show that opened tonight which was called ‘Band/Ties’ at the ARTicle Gallery at Margaret Street.

The first thing that we seen on entering the opening show was leaflets/information and drinks for the guests:


Me and Nikki felt like as soon as we entered we were welcomed as there was drink and someone who greeted us. This is something that has been done on pretty much every opening exhibition show I have been to so far. It made the show feel warm and lifted the spirits of the guests who arrived, making them talk about and enjoy the show even more. Personally I think this is something that we should definitely do for our show in order to welcome people and make people feel less intimidated and relaxed. Unless people in the tutor group are going to be stingy and not even spend a couple of pounds to make our show inviting. I think we should definitely talk about this guys!!



If we use plug sockets for our work for anything technical it’s really important that we get some of these wire covers from Anna. Not only does it make the room look neater and more organised, but will prevent guests from tripping over or any other accidents from happening.

This was something that I particularly liked, pretty awesome:



They had this statue of a man with a camera looking outside of Margaret Street’s window onto the street recording live into another part of the exhibition for visitors to watch. It’s a good idea how there is one piece of the show that are separated into different areas of the room, I question why they did this, and why they didn’t just project the image on the wall next to the statue, why are they separated into different parts of the room??

The use of headphones:



I’m usually used to seeing those chunky over the ear headphones when visiting galleries or shows. but in this show they had two sets of in the ear headphones dangling of the wall in the same place. They were obviously part of the piece that was next to them. I personally felt as thought they should have been spread out a bit more. I did feel that using these small in the ear headphones and having them dangling of the wall did make the show a little bit elegant .

Then there were cushions:



Cushions on the floor was another piece. They were quite a central part, meaning that me and Nikki had to walk around them to get into the main exhibition space where most of the stuff was taking place. It kind of reminds me of an army wall, in a weird way haha. The cushions did make me sleepy. Excuse my manners, but I just wanted to lie on them. And? I was tired. Okay?

Overall the show was okay. It was obviously the traditional old ‘white cubed’ space. It was a very minimal show as there wasn’t really much going on, which meant that there was a lot of space to move about; to the point of where I question ‘is there too much space? Could there be more?’


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