IKON – Beat Streuli: New Street

During our day trip around Birmingham, Myself and Nadine visited the IKON Gallery.

(click image to view IKON Gallery website)

At the time the Beat Steuli, New Street Exhibition was on.
Personally I’d never been to the IKON Gallery before, which I know is stupid as it’s in Birmingham.
When we first got there we went into the lift and got a bit of a shock, as the lift started singing to us!

We read that the lift was actually an Art piece by Martin Creed #409.
Tenor, Alto and Soprano voices sing when you go from the bottom floor to the top.
And whatever level you get in at, it starts singing from that level and then goes down or up depending on what level you’ve asked to go to.

I think this is so unique and really makes going to the IKON so different to other galleries.

Once we’d got over the shock of the lift we went into a room where the walls were covered in the artist photographs like wallpaper.

It was a bit daunting seeing them but impressive.
You definatly noticed them more and the quality of the images were amazing.
Im not sure if I liked how close together they were though, they all sort of bled into one another. When I looked I couldn’t focus on just one.
Im not sure if thats what the artist wanted but thats how I saw it.

Then we went up to the next floor, where he had the same sort of images but displayed them from projectors onto free standing walls

At first I was wondering why he’d dsplayed the same images like this.
Why not just leave it at the one room, but I guess this brings in another quality to grab an audiences attention.

Which made me think of our show and how we want the audience to engage with the work displayed.
I feel to do this we will need a wide range of work, so it’s not all the same.

That way the artist will be guessing how the work was made and again will include that interactive feeling!

(click for Link to ikon – Beat Streuli New Street Exhibition Guide)

I really like the fact that you get an exhibition guide, rather then a sheet of paper.
It feels more professional, and gives more information on the actual show.
I think this would be a really good idea for our show because we have a specific theme and different types of work.

Plus it would give an edge to the show and give that extra bit of care!


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