Francesco Polazzi : Solo Exhibition

Francesco Polazzi is an MA Student at Birmingham School of Art. 

(click image to view Francesco’s website)

Myself and Nadine went to see his work at ORT – Art and Community Cafe 

We got a little confused when we got to the venue because we weren’t expecting an actual cafe.
Im not sure why, but we ordered ourselves a hot chocolate to warm up and then went over to speak to Francesco.

His work was displayed all around the bottom section of the room.
some in frames –  some without frames – some on the table – and then in a display book.

There was some pieces for sale as well which I thought was interesting.
It was a good insite to how student artists sell there work.
Which is a good thing for ourselves, as student artists, but not neccassarily for the show.

It did however encourage the idea of using artists journals in our own show, which I really liked!

The cafe itself was very relaxed and open to anybody.
It’s the kind of place that, if it were closer to the city centre, I would probably visit daily.
It’s also a great way for striving artists to promote there work, as the work becomes part of the cafe and part of the decor.


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