Castle Fine Art Gallery

Myself and Nadine spent a day visiting different galleries within Birmingham, one of which was Castle Fine Art

Castle Fine Art(click above image to view Castle Gallery website)

We spoke to the people inside and asked if we could take photographs. They said we were but not to put them online, so unfortunately I can not post them.

This gallery gave us a lot of inspiration though, in how they displayed the work and the lighting they used.
You get a calm feeling when you walk in and your welcomed by everyone working inside.
The lights are dimmed and focused on each piece, which makes the work stand out more.
Although the walls are a warm green colour, it still has that neutral feel because everything matches.

The information next to the artist had two different layout.
First one was of the artist name and then a statement underneath, fairly long but not long enough to put someone off reading it.
Second one was of the artist name, the title, measurements and then how much it was being sold for.
I like how you get the vary of both, its something we can think of for our show.

We also noticed that some work was displayed on easels, which I thought was really unique and when thought about, makes a lot of sense! As artists we use easels, so why not use it as a tool of presentation?!
Other more larger pieces were on the floor leaned against the walls which actually looked okay and took that ‘eye-level’ factor away from the space.
Which is something we had talked about before as a group.

One thing I really did like, and am going to try and insist we do for our show, is using the artists catalogues (or in our case the artist journals). I think this is a really good way of involving the artist more into the show.
Also an artists journal can hold more work then being shown. It can sometimes be more interesting, or help the audience understand the displayed work.

Using plinths was the last thing we noticed. It could be a good way for us to break the room up a little bit, and add that interactive feeling ive mentioned before!

Definitely a Gallery I think the rest of our group should go and see and anyone else interested in art.
The work displayed was varied and of amazing quality!


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