Something me and Nikki picked up on at the Ikon Gallery

Here as well as other places I’ve visited, on our way around the Ikon Gallery outside one of the exhibition rooms we came across chairs.
Yes. chairs. You know. Those objects (usually on four legs) that you sit on? Those things you sit on when you can’t be arsed to stand? Or even to make yourself comfortable? That’s right. You got it. It is a chair.


Haha, no. Now on a more serious note. Offering a seat for visitors to sit on in the exhibition is welcoming, and gives off the impression that you want them to take their time and to feel relaxed. Like there is no rush.
Is this something that we should look at doing for our show? Could it be a possibility? Providing seats for our visitors to make them feel comfortable. But do we want them to feel comfortable?
Also. If we were to do this how would we store them? Would they be stored away somewhere or somehow for the visitors to collect themselves if they desire (as seen in the photograph above)? or do we wish for seats to already be out? If so, what kinds of seats?
I feel these are definitely things for the group to think about.


One comment

  1. Karina Cabanikova

    do we want these seats to be movable or stable on one place? faced to the piece of art or extinguisher?? if we will use them, they will play an intersting role

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