Mike Nelson ‘M6’

The Mike Nelson Exhibition was in the first room you walk into at Eastside Projects in Digbeth, Birmingham. 


Even though the room is big, it was smaller then I had expected.
What I thought set this exhibition apart from others that I had been to see, was the platform in the middle in which the work had been placed.
It formed a walk way around the room which gave you the opportunity to walk around and see everything at different angles.

What I would of liked to do though, is walk in amongst the work so you could see things up close and in a way get lost amongst the work.


In the room you can see all the fixtures and features, i.e. light sockets, plugs, beams, lightning but it doesn’t distract you from the work. It just makes it a more interesting place to present work. 

I think if you present the work in a way to grab the audience, and everything is clean and tidy, you wont notice the little things. The work will be the focus instead.

(Link for the Mike Nelson ‘M6’ Press Release)

To be honest I didn’t really understand this information, I think its too complex.
I prefer to have the information in front of me in plain words! You can bring a wider range of audience in if it can appeal to everyone.
I know it’s a bit ambitious to focus your attentions on everyone as everyone is different.
But I feel a lot of people don’t know about what’s going on in the art scene because of press release/ information sheets like this. You just get put off straight away.
I want our show to appeal to people outside the art community as well.


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