Ikon Gallery

Another place that me and Nikki visited last Wednesday was the Ikon Gallery, Birmingham.


During our visit there was an exhibition that was taking place:

‘New Street’ – Beat Streuli

21st November 2012 – 3rd February 2013
First Floor Galleries
Second Floor Galleries
Tower Room

This exhibition was called ‘New Street’ by and artist called Beat Streuli.










The first part we viewed was two joined rooms that were full of over sized photographs, that were even bigger than life size, and therefore came across to me as extremely overpowering. Something that me and Nikki had picked up on were the fact that there were different age groups, which at the time did make us think about our groups theme that was currently going on. The lighting in the room was very bright I felt, which made me feel that the photographs were even more powerful! All of the photographs were joined together – well the ones that weren’t on separate walls anyway.  They had been joined together physically but not visually. Which I think gave the room a sort of flow, or link even, as if it was like a trail. I personally really like this way of exhibiting the idea of link things that are connected physically and through a theme, but that do not connect visually.







The next part of the same exhibition in a different part of the Ikon Gallery was basically showing videos. During this, videos were shown in different ways; by this I mean some were projected onto walls, some were shown on standard televisions on plinths and some were shown on flat screen televisions that were mounted on the wall. The videos consisted of showing busy streets I felt (aka the title of ‘New Street‘), pretty obvious! Personally I preferred the first part of the exhibition that I’d seen with the photographs as this one to me felt like there was too much going on, however this may have been to do with the title itself as New Street is obviously busy. The fact that one of the rooms for example had one projection in front of you, another to your left and another to your right; and the video of people wondering all over the place gave you feel of being caught in it all, giving a trapping sort of feeling as if you were actually in a crowd of people.


Work #409 – Martin Creed – Ikon Lift – 2005


This had to be one of mine an Nikki’s highlights of visiting the Ikon Gallery. This was a sound art piece that used the lift at the Ikon Gallery by an artist called Martin Creed. The lift used different choir voices such as bass, tenor, alto and soprano voices as the lift went up and down. I think that this voice was used in the lift in order to create a sense of feeling for the person in the lift, almost as if to build suspense, in which me and Nikki found really exciting and giggled most of the way through it. Trust me. It’s a must see. Use the lift!! :)

I made a little recording of it, so please follow the link below for my recording! :)



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