Walsall – New Art Gallery

A while ago I went to see Walsall New Art Gallery with my Tutor Group.
There were a few exhibitions on at the time including Damien Hirst’s work. It’s not so much the work I want to talk about but more the layout of the rooms they were in.

Damien Hirst(click above image to view Walsall New Art Gallery website)

I would defiantly call Walsall Gallery a Contemporary gallery. The walls do have that ‘White Wall‘ gallery look but I think the polished wooden floors and door frames give it a more homely feel.
Also I feel the work and space is very interactive, you can engage with the space as not everything is the same.
You have plinths for work and pieces in the middle of the floor to walk around. You have pieces at eye level and then others that fill the whole wall.

For our show I think it needs to be interactive, so then the audience engages with the work more. It gives people a bigger impression of the work and stays in there thoughts longer.

The walls of our space will need to stay white but it would be good to add something else to it, which we’ll have to think about as the module progresses.


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