Revealed – Government Art Collection

Revealed(Click on above Image to see GAC Home Page)

I went to see this exhibition at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery before christmas 2012 with Nadine.

What excited me the most about this show, was that I was given the chance to see work that isn’t ordinarily seen by the public.
In a way it has reminded the British public of extensive the art collection we own is, I for one didn’t know about it.

I expected the rooms where the work was displayed to be very formal with rich colours. Similar to how you would probably see a government office. But I was faced with the opposite, white walls with very different types of work displayed.

There were free standing walls in the middle of the rooms, plinths with work on, video screens and projectors set up. All in rooms of different sizes where you could see the fixtures and fittings, i.e sockets to plug things in etc.

Nadine has provided a more detailed view of the show and layout in her post if you’d like to have a read, it is also titled ‘Revealed – Government Art Collection’.


Unfortunately we were not able to photograph inside the exhibition, However whilst researching information on the show I came across this image of the centre room inside the exhibition.

As Nadine also pointed out, within the exhibition was a room filled with different art pieces, in a salon style layout.
I agree with Nadine that this “really added something to the exhibition, making this really stand out and made it look really unique”.
It made you turn your head, your eyes were searching all over the room. Made a change to the boring standard ‘eye-level’ layout in the majority of shows and exhibition I’ve seen in the past.


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