Jodie Carey – Exhibition Space & Press Release

Whilst at Walsall New Art Gallery I Saw Jodie Carey’s Exhibition ‘Solomon’s Knot’

Jodie Carey

I thought this would be a good exhibition to talk about because of how minimal is has been set out.
As you see in the image above the room is white with the light at the top from the windows, the floor black so very modern.
All that is displayed in this room is this one piece, hanging form the ceiling. The windows have been blocked up and there’s room to walk around and get as close as you like.

The other room was set out in a similar way with these large free standing pieces in the middle of room. 
There was enough room to walk about and see the work up close.
What I like about this set of work is how the actual work was presented.

Even though the work is done with pencil crayons, and you would consider it as an abstract painting of sorts, it looks more like an installation piece.
They are held up with the sand bags at the back, almost like temporary walls. It’s an unusual way of presenting work but I definatly remembered them once I’d left.
Which I think is key to a successful exhibition.

(click to view Press Release)

I also had a look at the information sheet handed out to us, as this is the kind of thing we’ll have to think of for our show.
It has the name – title – date at the top and the logo for Walsall Art Gallery.
Then it goes on to explain a little bit about the artist and each piece in turn.

For a solo exhibition it seems like a good idea to write about the pieces separately.
I feel if you were to do a goup show though this wouldn’t be an option, as then you would have too much information.
The audience might not be bothered to read it all.


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