This is another exhibition that me and Nikki went to on Wednesday. A place called Castle Fine Art, that in which exhibits and sells work.


At this place photographs are not allowed to be taken, however one of the workers allowed me to as I was a student and as long as they wouldn’t be published and were for personal use only. Therefore the images are in my journal, and here I will just talk about the exhibition from looking at the images in my journal and the notes I had taken.

Something that caught mine and Nikki’s attention was the way in which some of the works had been displayed on easels and on the floor. This was rather interesting and we thought it was definitely something to mention to the group at our next group meeting. The exhibition seemed very organised, well laid out and precise – almost posh; and in sitting work on canvases and propped up on the floor added a sort of subtle quirkiness to everything.

Something else we had picked up on were the use of books and catalogs – in which was something we experienced quite often here. Me and Nikki had already thought about the use of displaying journals of those whose work we display in our show, but Nikki did mention to me that she brought it up in the last group meeting (which I was unable to attend) but not many people were keen on the idea. But after walking around this show and past exhibition shows this has pushed me and Nikki in wanting to use journals even more. I think we will have to address the idea to the group again together, talk about it and show them photographs of what we have seen and see what they think then. :)

At the exhibition by every piece of work there were name plates, which me and Nikki felt is something we need to begin to think about as a group. Do we need the name plates? If so how will we make them and how will we display them?

Like what I thought with a previous post I did with the street artist drawing celebrities on the floor getting me to think about heights; there were some pieces of works displayed on plinths and the plinths were different heights also. So is height a key thing that could or should be used in our show? Also this exhibition and many others that I have been to sometimes include some sort of seat for viewers to sit on, for example this one contain the odd sofa throughout, some white fabric sofas and some leather sofas. In our show do we want our viewers to sit down? If so what and why?

All in all I thought that this exhibition came across as rich (with the dim lighting combined with the art works and the rooms) and organised – but in a very unique sort of way as the walls weren’t just square but you got some zig-zag shaped freestanding walls; however the lighting complimented this giving the place a calming and relaxing atmosphere.

I feel there are some points here that I feel the rest of the group should begin to think about as it would need to be talked about soon as it is getting extremely close to having to put up the show. :)


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