Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery (BMAG)…

Before christmas 2012 I visited one of my favourite galleries, BMAG, with Nadine. I have always loved this gallery for the building’s features and warm, welcoming feeling you get upon entering the main hall.

BMAG(Click on above Image to see BMAG home page)

I feel a gallery space, the way its presented and laid out, should reflect the work it shows an audience.

BMAG is a very versatile gallery, it provides the more traditional gallery room with its Stunning Pre-Raphaelite Paintings, along with a mix of contemporary, shown in the exhibition we saw on our visit:

Man and his Sheep(Click on above Image to view Video of the Exhibition Space)

What I liked most about this piece, is the fact its in the middle of the room.

It’s very much an interactive piece, you can walk around it, view all sides, you notice it more then an art piece on the wall.

This is defiantly a concept I’d like us to consider for our own show.

I do like the more traditional galleries, with it’s period features and guilt framed art pieces.

However, I think art has moved on from that. White Wall galleries can look very sterile at times, but I feel if we combine this interactive concept with the ‘white wall’, clean, tidy, presentable look, we can create a very interesting show.


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