Francesco Polazzi- Solo Exhibition

This is a solo exhibition that me and Nikki attended on Wednesday night in Balsall Heath of an MA student at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design, Margaret Street.






Okay when me and Nikki arrived here we was wondering if we were at the right place, as we didn’t realize his work was in the cafe, so this was very unexpected for us; in a good way though as it was different and a bit of a shock. I guess I must have been expecting something quite traditional from my reaction!

Some of the works were presented on the walls, some on the windows and some lay across the table, and they surrounded half of the room. Within the mix he included his sort of sketchbook with a large selection of smaller works inside; which is the sort of thing that me and Nikki had in mind to do for our show, but again it depends on what other group members think also.

During this in the cafe whilst people were eating and drinking, music played; the music was quite relaxing which gave the show as sort of a calm and welcoming atmosphere. The room had tables, chairs and sofas. I personally thought the work was quite strange in this type of setting as I find the work rather hectic with the use of colours, however this could be debated as rather dreamlike and therefore could possibly fit in with the atmosphere of the place. Even though hectic the bright colours in the work lift the mood in the room to feeling quite lively and surreal, the atmosphere combined with the work made me feel like there’s nothing to be worried about, not a care in the world, which was nice!!


One comment

  1. rebeccajaynehomer

    The exhibition space looks very unusual but I guess he might of found it more of a comfortable space for him to talk about his work rather than a quite intimidating white wall exhibition space. However the size of the room does make the work look less effective for you dont have as much space surrunding a painting to properly focus on. Lastly I think his work appears quite colourful and certainly caught my attention when I saw these photographs.

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