Eastside Projects – M6

Me and Nikki took a long (well it seemed very long probably because of how cold it was) walk down to Eastside Projects, Digbeth, Birmingham on Wednesday.

M6 – Mike Nelson






We came across this installation which was presented by Eastside projects, called M6 which was new and commissioned by Mike Nelson.
These included torn and ripped tire parts which were spread out across the room. Something me and Nikki discussed was our curiosity of whether the artist found the tires like in the condition they were in or whether he had actually done it to the tires himself.
When I first seen it, without knowing the title it almost reminded me of abandonment, a bit like a place that was once lively but is no longer. At a distance some of the tires look as though they have been burnt, a bit like a put out campfire?

After finding out the title of it being ‘M6’, it completely changed my perception of the piece. The M6 being the largest motorway in the UK, and therefore the busiest and where the most accidents would happen. From this I expect that this is almost a representation of the M6, a complete mess, really busy, and the destroyed tires being a representation of  the road accidents that happen.

This is obviously a white cubed show, with what I felt look light a natural sort of lit up space. The fact that the piece took up pretty much most of the room made it extremely striking and overpowering, which I feel goes with the title the ‘M6’.
Again in terms of our show gets me thinking about walking around works and seeing them at different angles.



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