Eastside Projects – Revolving Women

Revolving WomanRachel Lowe

Me and Nikki took a long (well it seemed very long probably because of how cold it was) walk down to Eastside Projects, Digbeth, Birmingham on Wednesday.






This was the final show that Nikki and I looked at at Eastside Projects. It was a video projection titled ‘Revolving Woman’ by Rachel Lowe. The photographs I had taken were really difficult to get, so I recorded a short video so that you could kind of get the feel for it and see it a bit clearer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUaZoix5dqA

I really liked this work, apart from walking out after to seeing yellow spots haha. It was a huge projection in a rather large room which did make it very overpowering, especially with all the bright lights and quick movement. The light of the projection was the light that was used to light the room. The video does have sound, which sound like the artist used natural sound. Being in the room with this sound it was quite loud and echoed, but this could be just the effect of having speakers in a large space.
I suppose this gets our show to a point where we need to think about these aspects of sound and lighting and what would be important for the works that we show.



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