Eastside Projects – Curiosity Killed the Cat

Curiosity Killed the Cat – Andrew Lacon and Marie Toseland

Me and Nikki took a long (well it seemed very long probably because of how cold it was) walk down to Eastside Projects, Digbeth, Birmingham on Wednesday.





Okay, I will be completely honest. I don’t get it. I read about it. I listened to it. I looked at it. I just don’t get it.

But because we are thinking about the curation of our show I will write about where it is and how it is exhibited.

First of all, if it hadn’t have been pointed out by a member of Eastside Projects I wouldn’t have even noticed it, so I’d say it was quite hidden. Then I question why under a set of stairs? Obviously I wouldn’t know the answer to this question as I don’t understand the work. However, I do find it an interesting way of exhibiting, it’s somewhere different.
All in all, I thought it was sh*t. But then again, that could possibly be because of my lack of knowledge with the piece perhaps?




  1. rebeccajaynehomer

    I agree with your opinion on it Nadine from seeing it in phoytographs… It honestly just looks like a piece of quirky unwanted furnitrure that has been placed out of sight under the stairs so no one notices it. It seems out of place, an no longer a part of the exhibition by the looks of it.

  2. nadinepaigeriley

    Hmmm, but this is it’s very own exhibition, it’s separate from everything else. There is nothing about it. It is boring!

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