Eastside Projects:Flatfile: Curiosity Killed the Cat.


Presenting a new exhibition at Eastside Projects titled; ‘Curiosity Killed the Cat’, by Andrew Lacon and Marie Toseland in Flatfile, that involves a plan-chest sited permanently within the gallery. This particular exhibition tests the physical and metaphysical space within a flatfile and its relationship with the surroundings. It focuses on how sculpture can be displayed in a flatfile and questions the materiality of the physical object. Focusing particularly on one theory which suggests that there are 3 types of representation; linguistic, pictorial and magical (primitive), the works entailes of documentary techniques, and physical intervention in order to offer other ways as to how one could experience the space within the drawers. I think this would be a interesting exhibition to visit as soon as possible to look at specifically the relation between the work and the exhibition space and to see how something can compliment the work merely because of how it is placed.


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