Thinking about Promotion

Vanilla Galleries is a collective group located within the city centre of Leicester. Above is the promotional poster for the latest exhibition consisting of 5 artists. For any artist, there is a importance to the way in which they present their art work to the world and particularly how they promote it. There is a simplicity to this poster that lures me in- I’m a sucker for neat, structured, linear compositions. Collectives can contain many artists and I feel it is extremely important that each one is noticed, our collaborative group consists of 9 artists. The poster above, clearly shows the 5 artists involved in the centre of the piece ( the area that the eyes look to first) and state the place and date in which the event occurs. The artists are the main focus of the poster and you don’t have to look long or hard to gather the information you need to attend the show.

However, not all of Vanilla Galleries posters are as clear and easy to understand as the top image. Above, is another promotional poster by the collective. The date and the time has become more significant in this poster, the artists involved are not mentioned. The only indication of the group is the logo’s present that represent the collective, there is also mention of ‘The Great Central’. On the right hand side there is the information of where the exhibition is held, once again The Great Central is mentioned. When searching this on-line, I came across their website ( discovering that it is a studio space for artists which receives government funding. The sense of mystery of the poster is something quite nice, something intriguing– for example, I myself had to go and do some of my own research to find out about the exhibition and this already is encouraging the viewer to find out more. However, simplicity and lack of information when forming a poster can work in the opposite way and make the viewer immediately uninterested. There is added pressure to the importance of creating a visually interesting appearance to the poster, which is some ways I think VG has managed to achieve with the above poster. The use of colour fade, unusual line through the centre and section of floral print all have no indication of what the exhibition is about yet you seem to think that is something strange and intriguing.

This is another poster by Vanilla Galleries, one in which I feel has a completely different feel to it. It is youthful, humorous and looks old fashioned compared to the previous posters which felt contemporary. It seems to be aiming at a younger audience due to the use of subject and ‘vintage feel’ it is creating by the grainy overlay and bright colours. There is a need to use your eyes more so with this poster, the pattern in the background is busy and distracting whereas the writing is filled with a block yellow and the title on a diagonal composition. All of the elements of the poster work against each other rather than with each other, making each element feel different. Each part of the poster must be viewed separately to gather all of the information, rather than looking at it as a whole and getting the most significant information similarly to the first poster which brought your attention to the centre of the poster, outlining the main focus for the whole exhibition.

So, I begin to think about our collective and how we wish to promote our show and what impression we wish to create, I initially think that the promotional posters or leaflets should be clean cut and simple due to the amount of artists including in the group, but this idea of making your eyes follow all around a image is interesting. It forces you to look at the poster for longer therefore obtaining the information fully and allowing the image to store in your memory. This idea of your eyes following a image, observing each aspect will also reflect our show as we intend to have different areas of space relating to different generations of life- each space within the exhibition will give a different tone and atmosphere similarly to the last poster posted. I feel it is importance to portray a little bit about ourselves or our show through our poster so people will have a initial expectation of what they are going to see. What they think may be correct or it may be the complete opposite, either way if the viewer is prepared or surprised, each expression isn’t necessarily bad.


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