Artists Responses

We’ve had some responses from the artists we put notes up for, requesting to use there work!!

Luckily everyone who has responded so far has been really nice.
They are more than welcome for us to use there work!
Which is great!


So far we have;

Marcus Tsang


Jasmine Crowder


Siyu Chen


Ann Bennett


What I love so far is how diverse the work is.
Marcus’s work is done with Duck Tape, which is such a creative medium to use and very contemporary.
And then you have Ann’s work which is created more traditionally with oil paints!

I think our show needs to have that difference.
That way viewers can see all aspects of Fine Art.

Fine Art is so diverse in today’s society and I don’t think people see that. 
If our show was to go to the wider public, we could show the audience how amazing art can be!


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