Street Artist

In a previous post, Nadine, a member of the group spoke about a street artist who had created portraits of celebrities on the floor. A intresting thing she spoke about the audience “looking down on the celebrities, which in real life is slightly strange as ‘normal’ everyday people would usually look up to celebrities.” She then went on to say “In terms of our exhibition focusing on life and the different generations, this makes me think of how different generations have different levels of respect almost. Therefore making me think about how we could use height in our show also, to really relate to what is thought of these generations in society. For example, I feel adolescence are very much looked down on, where as the elderly do, I feel have high levels of respect.”

In terms of our show, I think this is a fantastic idea. The audience them self will be engaging with the work without even realising. I agree that in modern times, the teenager is often being looked down on, and this idea has been portrayed in one of the works by a artist we have considered using in our exhibition. The viewer will be forced to lean over the piece to view it therefore creating this idea that the teenager is inferior to the viewer adding to the theme and enhancing the viewing experience for each generation. The exhibition will become more engaging by varying the way in which each space is viewed and therefore become more interesting and fun.


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