Street Artist

Here’s something that I came across in Birmingham City Center.




What drawn me to this was not the famous people in the drawings themselves or the way that they were created, but the way in which that they were presented on the floor.

This in fact is what made me think of our show in terms of how we exhibit the work, we don’t just have to use the walls, we could actually make use of other surroundings (the floor).

In terms of what this artist (unknown) did here in Birmingham, which was more than likely not done for any particular reason, was that he created and presented the work of portraits of celebrities on the floor, so therefore the audience were looking down on the celebrities, which in real life is slightly strange as ‘normal’ everyday people would usually look up to celebrities.

In terms of our exhibition focusing on life and the different generations, this makes me think of how different generations have different levels of respect almost. Therefore making me think about how we could use height in our show also, to really relate to what is thought of these generations in society. For example, I feel adolescence are very much looked down on, where as the elderly do, I feel have high levels of respect.
I don’t know, maybe it’s a bit of a crap idea, or too much to do, but I feel it maybe something to think about? I don’t know how anybody else feels? But just a little suggestion. :)



  1. Karina Cabanikova

    i think its a good idea to consider. it may be a bit tricky but i think we will find the way to work with that type of presenting :)

  2. nadinepaigeriley

    I thought it was a different sort of concept on viewing something, it involves the audience to interact (looking down and up), and it would be interesting to see whether our audience would notice it. However, it’s not just my show, so it depends on what everybody else thinks too!

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