Lubica Martincova

Interview with Ľubica Martincová.


Tell us a little bit about you; who are you, how old are you…

Who am I – that’s a tough question. Officially I am Ľubica Martincová, 19 years old from Slovakia. I devote myself to work, university and sports. Unofficially, I am a sort of imaginary shell of an alter ego, which is desperately trying to understand the world. Unsuccessfully…

What art work is your favourite and why?

Most important work, which significantly affected my work, is the film “Stalker” (1979). Not just an idea, but also visually. For me, this film is extremely important. Since I started to watch films by Tarkovsky, I learned to think differently.


What have you been working on recently?

At the moment I am messing around with the idea of ​​a remake of Malevich’s black square. Maybe in few years I will implement it, but will do a remake, it means to me I first need to understand the author, and the work and its context. My plans are not brave; I’m doing it as a compliment, not as my own work. While it is real, I want to follow through my current concept of “Die Furche” and become better in technical aspects.


What you want to achieve in art life?

Most of my goals do not apply to art. All I want is to live a happy life. In art business I want to achieve positive criticism and have satisfaction.

What does “being creative”mean to you?

For me the creativity is to look for an idea, start to work on it, search for its roots and invent its consequences.


How would you describe your style?

I don’t know-Do I have a style?

What are the most important influences that have moved you as an artist?

Philosophy is my important influence. I even studying Philosophy at Uni. In my work, I have worked mainly with Pre-Socratic concepts, of course, to the extent that I know and understand. I would be happy if I eventually managed to be inspired by poems of Egon Bondy. We’ll see when I can.


Do you have any exhibits to promote in the near future?

I plan an exhibition when I will finish ‘Die Furcht’’. But the near future it is unlikely.

Many artists struggle to find ways to sell their art.  How do you sell your work?  How do you market yourself?

I do not create an art to pay my bills. I’m doing it highly for myself; although I have some sites on the internet. I don’t think someone would have an interested to buy my work.


What was the best advice given to you as an artist?

I cannot remember who told me, but it was very important. I was sad that people did not like my art. I thought that they did not understand it, but I was wrong, it was obvious. The man told me that when people cannot understand my work, I’ll be an artist. The advice I took to heart over the years.


What advice would you like to tell to our art readers?

Specialize – do what you’re good at. Develop your skills in depth, not in width. Self-criticism is very important, nowadays there is ‘’art boom’’, you must realize that not only talent, but also the experience and progress are important, and that the stars do not fall from the sky.


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