Thinking about the Curation of our show.

Before the Christmas break, the majority of the group members met to discuss similar interests among the group to finally start making a decision on the main themes and visual aspects of the show. We started with looking at the space, thinking about the problems and successes and how we could work with them. We discussed many issues such as..

-Would we use the space as a ‘white cube’ space or transform it into a interactive space?

-Would we create different view points– eg, off the wall, off the floor.

-How many artists will be involved? Will this be a group or solo exhibition?

As we began talking, expressing our interests we found a common interest. Life and the human body. After viewing all the works of level 5/6 and MA artists around the building, we decided to focus our show on generations of life. So far, we have contacted potential artists and awaiting replies in order to start further planning.


(Photograph by: Nadine Paige Riley)


(Photograph by: Karina Cabanikova)


(Photograph by: Karina Cabanikova)


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