Curated Shows

 We were given some information and rules about the work we had to do to curate this show.

(Link to the rules that were given to us)

For some reason I didn’t record this lecture or the meeting afterwards, which is annoying because it was one of the most important we had! 

But I had a look at the information on moodle and these 2 shows stood out to me:

Richard Wilson 20:50

Richard Wilson(Click above image to view the website)

I remember seeing pictures of this piece years ago and my first thought were ‘how amazing!‘.
As an installation piece I don’t think anything could be created better then this.
It’s so creative and out of the ordinary, to transform a space like this, to make it look like an illusion!
The fact you can walk into it is brilliant!

In terms of our show I think it would be a bit too ambitious to think we could trnsform the space like this,
But it definitely makes me want to think outside the box a little bit!

AVPD Hitchcock Halfway

Hitchcock Halfway(click above image to view the website)

This was such a brilliant idea as well. Turning a whole space into a load of doors that you walk through.
Also what I noticed is the way they have been set out. It creates a really good photograph opportunity.
From the photographs you can see the whole way through the doors to the other side.

Again for the show this type of curation would be too much.
But it does inspire me to want to curate the best show we possibly can.


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