Logo Ideas

I have a clear idea of what I’d like the logo to look like, so I played with a few different types of the same style:

From a previous group meeting the colours decided were Black/White/Green/Orange.
From these designs I think I prefer the Green colour.
Also I think the black background is too much, and the word life isn’t very readable, it doesn’t fit very well.

So I tried these 3.
I don’t think I like any of these.
I like the white background but I think it still needs colour, just not that much!
And I’m still not sure about the word ‘life’.
I think I prefer the first one now.

So I tried both version of the word ‘life’ on the white background.
Then I added the Green colour to the word ‘Life’ which I really like.
I’m still not sure on which version I like though!

If the group likes my design I’ll let them choose which one they want to use.


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