Blog Inspiration

Below are some recommended blogs by Mona Casey, the symbols WP stands for WordPress and those marked with (*) are those of which are favoured and display some of the qualities of which we wish to achieve from our own blog. WP *

Interviews page- interviewers don’t ask too many questions but are to the point and appropriate. *

 This biographical blog is an expression of the artists own art experiences, displaying language that is not considered ‘review language’. As a group, we have all spoke about the desire to have a balance between formal and informal language to express our own personalities as well as our abilities to write professionally. * WP

 The theme used on this blog, is very  similar to our own. Adding a image to the top of the page is something we have been thinking about doing. However, this blog looks untidy due to the columns of ‘archive’ to the right. * WP

 We have been thinking about the kind of logo we want to have for the blog, this one is unique and striking as well as the colour scheme used, which is also something we’d been discussing. WP *

Once again, the logo is contemporary and memorable. The whole blog echoes the ‘white cube space’. * WP

 The logo is neat, contemporary as well as the rest of the blog. The colours used with the logo are also used for certain information including hyperlinks and references. Matching the logo and colours of hyperlinks etc works really well and we have discussed achieving this same effect.

Written By Amy Huggett On Behalf Of Artlife

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